What We Are Doing

Forks of the Butte

One of the joys of doing watershed improvement and forest thinning is working in areas like the Forks of the Butte.  Where Garland Road winds down to the cool water, we have been working with Firestorm to reduce the fuel loading and overgrown vegetation to create a 200 foot shaded fuel break.  On the North side of the road, Terra Fuego will be implementing a prescribed burn of 124 acres in cooperation with BLM, the CCC's, and Firestorm.

Piles of brush to be burned; reduced fuel along road
Cut, pile, and repeat

Yurok TREX

Twice a year, Terra Fuego partners with the Cultural Fire Mangement Council (CFMC) in Weitchpec, Calif. to facilitate a Training Exchange (TREX) supported by The Nature Conservancy where we conduct prescribed burns in very unique and beautiful country.  

In the past two years we have burned near to 400 acres, and have 200 more slated for a burn this Spring.  These burns reduce the fuel loading and promote the health of immensely important cultural resources like Tan Oak acorns and Hazel sticks.