Who We Are


Terra Fuego implements landscape level restoration, conservation, and risk reduction to improve the health of forest ecosystems, and to improve the well-being of residents in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) and neighboring communities.  Terra Fuego empowers residents of forested and rural areas to engage in coordinated efforts with state, federal, and local agencies and organizations to create and implement projects that transcend property boundaries and instead attend to topographic features that are the basis for efficient fire planning.


Through strategic partnerships and an engaged community, Terra Fuego and our partners are rolling back a century of fire suppression in Northern California to create communities that have the skills, resources, and cooperative ability to manage private lands on the scale necessary to avoid catastrophic wildfire.  Well beyond the 100 foot clearance around homes, Terra Fuego builds Wildland Communities that are resilient and proactive in the face of a changing climate and increasingly severe fire seasons.