Current Projects


Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve – Prescribed Burn Program (BCCPBP)

Building on a partnership where we have hosted two TREX events, the BCCPBP will build local capacity, integrate education of youth and college students, and establish a significant area of reduced fuel below the community of Forest Ranch.

  1. Funding provided by:  California Climate Investments for $304,406

  2. Fuel reduction and preparation of 70 acres, and prescribed burning of 254 acres

  3. Timeline – Fall 2018 – Fall 2020


McKenzie Ridge Fuels Treatment

Working with American Rivers, this project will reduce fuels in a high mortality area and improve forest resilience in a high fire severity area adjacent to homes and the Sequoia Kings National Park. The project will serve to improve the current conditions of the Giant Sequoia National Monument, and to create a large barrier to fires moving out of lower elevations into the national forest and national park.

  1. Funding provided by:  National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, including Pacific Southwest Fuels Management Partnership, and the Wells Fargo Resilient Communities for $699,000

  2. Fuel reduction will include preparation and implementation of 726 acres of prescribed burning of Sequoia National Forest, monument lands

  3. Timeline – Summer 2018 – Fall 2020