Day 4: Pre Burn Prep

Today was a big day out at the BCCER. Tomorrow is the prescribed burn and with weeks of clearing brush and preparing the land behind us, it’s finally time to rid the forest of it’s excess fuel. We spent the day today safety checking hose lines that had been laboriously laid out days before. The majority of today's work consisted of walking the thousands of feet of hose to check for leaks as well as making sure valves were in their proper places to ensure that areas with dry fuel above the hose line could be managed should the fire pass the control zone. My bosses Stephen and Jim came out for a final look over to make sure the property was all set up. With the lines checked and a steady supply of water from a nearby run off  the generator was finally hooked to the hose pump and connected to the water holding tub, the final step in the process. The land stewards that I was working with during the day were very knowledgeable in all aspects of what it took to properly prescribe a fire, and I was fortunate enough to learn first hand from them what it took to make it happen safely and responsibly. Though I hadn’t been there to lay out the hose and work on other prep work the days prior, today gave me a real opportunity to see how much it takes to do the job right and the dedication of the stewards who ensure our forests and rural communities are protected from wildfires.