All photography provided by Stephen Graydon

Since 2012, we have led the effort to restore landscapes and improve the lives of the communities therein. We have been at the forefront of prescribed burning for cultural, restorative, and risk reduction purposes.


Our Mission

Terra Fuego implements landscape level restoration, conservation, and risk reduction to improve the health of forest ecosystems, and to improve the well-being of residents in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) and neighboring communities.  Terra Fuego empowers residents of forested and rural areas to engage in coordinated efforts with state, federal, tribal, and local organizations to create and implement projects that transcend property boundaries and instead attend to topographic features that are the basis for efficient fire planning.

Our Vision

Terra Fuego Resource Foundation utilizes off season firefighters and local job training partners to provide training in wildland firefighting, fuels reduction, fuels management techniques and invasive plant management and eradication.  This training and on-the-job experience provides a valuable resource for community members, fire professionals and people who are seeking job skills and a career path in land management.

The idea that we can’t accomplish restoration at scale is a myth; we have the capacity to support federal, state, and private partners in their goal to use fire to accomplish restoration at a watershed level across California.
— Jim Wills, Founder of Terra Fuego